• Testimonials

    Audrey is an amazing speaker- dynamic, positive and a great sense of humor- Ann B

    Speaker is very positive, engages audience and came away feeling empowered and forever changed- Betty C

    Audrey is a skillful and enthusiastic presenter and this is the first time I laughed in two years- Bill W
    Threads of life family member dealing with Life altering Injury.

    Audrey, I just want to say a big thank you for all the help you have given me over the past two years.
    I have seen many counselors but none have helped me like you have.
    You are genuine and take the time to really listen.
    You don’t just say the say the same old repetitive solutions that all the other counselors used.
    You were relate-able and sincerely cared.
    You showed me what it was like to listen to me because of your down to earth approach.
    Thank you again for everything.
    Aaron- age 18